Holiday Cookies


Ginger Sugar Cookie

These are the best recipe for not-too-sweet sugar cookies. I love the white chocolate frosting; so easy to make and it dries hard*. I just melt one bag of chips in a double bubbler and smear over cooled cookies. Sprinkle with your favorite topping and BOOM, your’e done.

*dried white chocolate frosting is great for packing cookies in a tin or traveling. No messy frosting everywhere!

Message me for recipe. Enjoy!




Thin sliced Apple w. Almond Butter

We had a blast at the apple orchard last weekend. I used most of the apples while baking a butter crust apple pie, but saved a few apples for Mya and I to enjoy during snack time. I sliced the apples very thin and smeared some fresh almond butter on each one. For Mya’s slices, I cut into bite-size for her to pick up and chew eaiser. She has just 6 teeth in right now, and used all 6 for munching up food. This snack is great for at home. It can get a bit messy with the almond butter. Mya loved it so much, she had it all over her face and was licking her fingers. We enjoy introducing her to new flavors and seasonal combinations of food regularly.

Canning Farm Fresh Dill Pickles!

I had a little helper with canning our bushel of pickles! We strolled over to our local New Buffalo Farmers Market and picked up two half bushels of pickle cucumbers. Mya handed me the jars to be sterilized. We stuffed our jars with fresh garlic and dill. For the brine we used Bon Appetite’s recipe. One bushel of small cucumbers makes 48, 1 quart jars. Can’t believe we have to wait 3 weeks to try these dilly treats!

Sunshine & Sun Hats

Girls day at the beach! We were sure to apply plenty of sunscreen and wear our sun hats. I packed our beach bag with an old tapestry blanket I acquired from my good-old college days with plenty of space for my little one to crawl around. For a snack I made my Chilled Carrot Sticks. We also packed plenty of sand toys and snacks. Our wagon was key for getting to and from the beach in a snap! The New Buffalo public beach is a great place to visit. They have a cute little snack shack with ice cream and refreshments!