Just get outside!

Sometimes it feels like a thousand things need to get done before I can leave the house. The past few days, I’ve really tried hard, to just get outside when the little one and our dog are ready. Worrying about the laundry, dishes, and organizing for when we return. Shades out, toes out, paws out!


Canning Farm Fresh Dill Pickles!

I had a little helper with canning our bushel of pickles! We strolled over to our local New Buffalo Farmers Market and picked up two half bushels of pickle cucumbers. Mya handed me the jars to be sterilized. We stuffed our jars with fresh garlic and dill. For the brine we used Bon Appetite’s recipe. One bushel of small cucumbers makes 48, 1 quart jars. Can’t believe we have to wait 3 weeks to try these dilly treats!